Welcome to Cornerstone Christian Church, a Christian community in Brisbane’s inner north.

We are learning to love God. As we walk through life, we are learning to thrive on worship and to be responsive to Him. We are working on building a community of faith where people feel loved and valued. And we are growing to understand our part in making a positive difference in the world community.


Elf-A-Thon 2019

COLLECTING DONATIONS NOW! Items Needed: New toiletries such as; toothbrushes, toothpaste, deodorants, shampoos, shaving razors and cream, combs, hairbrushes, soap, face cloths, moisturisers, perfume. Where: Please drop off in the red and green containers at the auditorium doors in the foyer. We normally cater for about 300 local hostel and nursing home residents, many of…

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Christmas Craft Morning

Everyone is welcome! There will be sew and ‘no sew’ activities available –  one of the ‘no sew’ activities will be making a Christmas wreath and/or decorations to hang on tree or use as gift tags. Please bring a plate of Christmas food to share for morning tea.  Also, if you have some Christmas fabric…

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On Sunday Pastor Graham took a look at how our Heavenly Father continually encourages us in Scripture to consider each other in the context of family.  The reality is that this brings great challenge and responsibility to our relationships – it’s certainly easier to consider our mutual obligation at the level of “acquaintances” or “casual…

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Sunday 10 March – Exiles: Mission | Pastor Clem Fryer

In this season Cornerstone is focusing on one of the great, though often overlooked, themes of Scripture, Exile. The prevalence of exile as a theme, across the span of Scripture is significant: in Genesis 3 the first humans are exiled from the garden. We also read in Scripture about Abraham’s descendants being exiled in Egypt.…

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