In this season Cornerstone is focusing on one of the great, though often overlooked, themes of Scripture, Exile. The prevalence of exile as a theme, across the span of Scripture is significant: in Genesis 3 the first humans are exiled from the garden. We also read in Scripture about Abraham’s descendants being exiled in Egypt. And of course the Kingdoms of Israel and Judah are carried into exile by the Assyrians and the Babylonians. In recent times scholars like N.T. Wright have helped us to see that in Jesus’ time there was a conception of the Jews being exiled in the Promised Land, because of the occupying presence of Rome. Even though exile is such an important theme it is not difficult to imagine why it is not much focused upon in Christian culture – nobody wants to be in exile. Exile is hard.

But throughout the story of God and His people, even in exile God is always doing something.

Numerous commentators are observing how the church in the Western world, once at the centre, is now being pushed to the margins of society. Could it be that the church is going into an exile of sorts? If so, what might this mean for us as Christians? How would we go about being the people of God in such circumstance? We hope you’ll be blessed as we explore some possible answers to these questions together.